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Everyone can run a Tor exit node

Claude, 3. Januar 2013, 15:38 Uhr

Many people are afraid to run a Tor exit node. Note: An exit node is NOT the same as a relay! Only on exit nodes users from the Tor network are allowed to access the rest of the internet anonymously, which can be dangerous and prone to abuse. But Tor relays keep their traffic inside the Tor network. I’m running such a Tor relay since february. Now, I’m considering running an exit node.

I asked my hoster:

Am I allowed to run a Tor exit node?

They answered:

Dear Mr. Hohl,

For now our ToS allows Tor nodes. but please be advised they are really easy to abuse.
We will try to protect the network with our firewall in case of problems (we already experienced spam from ToR networks).
In any case a ticket will be opened upon abuse case and we will try to keep both sides confidentiality during negotiation.

Happy New Year!

Not only they allow it. They try to make the best of it and keep confidentiality in case of an abuse. This is fucking amazing!

The hoster I’m talking about is Serverastra. They offer a virtual private server with 100Mbit unmetered* network traffic for ~15$. Fifteen bucks per month. Guys, everyone can afford that! No more excuses.

Run a Tor exit node!

We have the official clearance from this hoster.

*unmetered: Means: Really no limits. No bandwidth downgrade after 10TB or similar harassment. Un-limited traffic.

PS: Here are some stats.